NEW Mushroom & Tarragon Pâté

This is the ultimate in convenience and accurate portion control. A piping bag of rich mushroom and cream cheese pâté, flavoured with flecks of tarragon. Just defrost the bag and it’s ready to go.

1 x 750g • PATMUS1X750G •

NEW Beetroot & Mixed Seed Hash

This potato hash cake has a stunning appearance. Made with shredded beetroot, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, it’s going to turn heads. Simply pan fry until crisp on both sides and serve.

48 x 80g • HASBEE48X80G •

NEW Sweet Corn & Halloumi Fritter Mix

A rich, gluten-free batter, filled with sweet corn and chunks of Halloumi. Pour or spoon this delicious mix into the portion size you want and deep-fry until golden brown. Simple.

1 x 1kg • MIXFRIHAL1KG •

NEW Mushroom Arancini

A wonderful mix of wild and Porcini mushrooms, risotto rice and mascarpone cream sauce, all coated in a rustic crumb. These very moreish Arancini bites are perfect as party food or as a starter.

60 x 35g • ARAMUS60 •