NEW Charcoal Mediterranean Tart

This individual tart is a trendy little number. The activated charcoal bread dough is as stunning as the filling of slow roasted tomatoes, Mediterranean vegetables and pumpkin seeds. A great plate filler, ready in ten minutes from frozen.

18 x 270g • TARMED18X270G •

NEW Cheddar & Whole Grain Mustard Soufflé

A twice baked soufflé made with rich mature Cheddar cheese and a hint of whole grain mustard. Cook from thawed.

18 x 140g • SOUMUS18X140G •

NEW Luxury Vegan Nut Roast

Here’s a posh nut roast for your menu! Rustic, granola-topped bars made with julienne of carrot, sweet potato and parsnip infused with cranberries, apricots and cashew nuts. Cooks from frozen in 25 minutes.

1 x 20ptn (180g) • NUTROA3.6KG •

NEW Jackfruit Burger

Yes we know, this pre-made Jackfruit burger is not your usual festive nosh, but as it’s Christmas, why not indulge your customers?

36 x 150g • BURJAC36X150G •