NEW Vegan Chocolate Tart (12 cut)

A crisp, brown sugar pastry case filled with a rich, indulgent Belgian, vegan chocolate ganache. Just thaw and serve.

1 x 12ptns (Approx 90g) • TARCHO12 •

NEW Coconut Panna Cotta

Heat this pouch of sweet set coconut milk panna cotta in a pan of simmering water, then pour and set in the fridge.

1 x 1kg • PANCOC1KG •

NEW Vegan Chocolate Torte Kirsch Cherries

A crisp, cocoa and oat biscuit base topped with a sour cherry and kirsch compote, finished with a rich vegan ganache. Simply thaw and serve.

1 x 27ptns (120g) • TORCHO1X27 •

Luxury Vegan Star Topped Mince Pie

A real plate filler of a mince pie - perfect for a dessert serving. A rich filling of apple, raisins, sultanas and currants, in a vegan pastry case.

4 x 140g • MINPIELUX24X140G •